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  • Welcome to MIDNIGHT RIVER

    Hi!  I'm Sarah of MIDNIGHT RIVER 

    I'm excited to share my art and new projects with you through this blog!

    I've been making art for years, but recently have started to self-publish illustrated books.  This is a path that feels so natural and right to me as a lifelong reader and lover of books.  I am so excited to see where this path leads me and decided to create a space for me to share about this new adventure.
    Welcome to the MIDNIGHT RIVER blog!
    This is where I'll be keeping you up to date on all my works-in-progress, including books and other illustrated publications.   
    I thought a good way for me to introduce myself would be to show you some of my favorite things currently in my studio.

    So ... Come on in...
    Tending Our Roots
    I work from my home in Columbia, Missouri. 

    My space isn't very large but I don't need much more than a small room to call my own.

    And I've learned to make things work in a small space.

    Part of my strategy has been to make small things!

    Another strategy was to build some shelves to utilize vertical space.  
    There are a few art supplies stored here, but these shelves are mostly crammed with things that I love: like my old Cherry Ames, Nancy Drew, and Trixie Belden books.  Lets not forget Laura Ingalls and Anne Shirley!
    Other objects are sentimental, like the Jesus portrait from my Grandma, the woodburning by my father, and my husband's wedding portrait.
    Its like being surrounded by loved ones when I create, including Trixie and the gang.
    I am lucky to have a mother-in-law who is a beautiful and talented artist.
    She made this portrait of my husband which I positioned near my studio window.  
    It glows when the sun hits it! 
    How wonderful to have art made by a loved one 🖤
    This vintage Speedball magazine changed my life when I found it at age 11.
    It apparently used to belong to my great-uncle, an artist whose work I've never seen.  
    I used to meticulously copy from this sacred tome, fervidly believing I would be the girl who gain friends and admiration by ONLY writing in the script that had tiny roses worked into each letter.  Seriously.  
    I am still fascinated by this piece of hand-lettering ephemera and I love having it now as an adult, in my own studio.

    This wall is my favorite.

    My sister made the doll head fetish which points to an assemblage of photos I've taken over the years around my home town.
    That's it for now - Thanks for stopping by my studio!  
    I can't wait until next time;  I will be posting WAY more art and I'll tell you all about the next book being released by MIDNIGHT RIVER PRESS

    Thanks again and see you soon! 

    🖤 Sarah